Find the right size of diaper is not always easy and it often goes through various criteria and tests.
The main problem when one does not choose the right size ... leaks !!

The different criteria

These include for examples :

  • The diaper type (full change, change with a belt, pull-ups,...)
  • The diaper brand
  • The absorption
  • The morphology of the person

According to these different criteria, the size of the dipaer will not be the same but the essentials criterias to choose the best diaper size are : the waist and hips.
You can easily take these measurements with nothing more than a tape measure flexible.

Measure your waist circumference

 Tour de taille

  1. To measure your waist circumference accurately, you should place the measuring tape against your bare stomach. Remove or lift up the clothes that cover your waist. Take off your t-shirt or lift it to just below your chest. If your pants bother you, loosen it and lower it slightly.
  2. With your fingers, looking for the top of your hips and the bottom of your ribs. The thick and soft that lies between the two bony parts is your natural waist. It is also the narrowest part of your torso, generally at the same level or above your belly button.
  3. Wrap the measuring tape around your waist. Stand straight and breathe normally. Place end of tape measure on your belly button and do all the turn of your size going in your back. The measuring tape must be parallel to the ground and tackled firmly against your skin without digging in. Make sure that the tape is perfectly straight and is not twisted at a place, especially in your back.
  4. Exhale and look at the measurement on the figure level ribbon where it intersects with the end with the 0. The figure that you see at this point corresponds to the size of your waist in centimeters.
  5. Repeat the process to make sure that the first step you took was the right one. If the second is different, repeat the process and calculate the average of the three measurements.

Measure the hip circumference

  1. Your hip circumference is measured at the level of your hips and your behind.
  2. Join your feet. In fact, if your legs are spread apart, the result will be a little larger than your hip real. Therefore, in order to avoid the errors, you will need to attach your feet to make the measurement. In all cases, the gauge of your legs should not exceed the width of your shoulders.
  3. Find the widest point. The measurement of the hip circumference should be at the widest point. After the introduction of the tape, move it a few inches toward the bottom or the top to find the widest extent.

Then use the largest measurement to select your diaper size.

However, this is not the absolute guarantee to get THE ideal size for your dipaers, but will help you in your choice by referring to indications of the size indicated in the description of our products.

Indeed, from one brand to another, the towers of size are not the same.

Here is an example for disposable diaper :

  • Tena Slip M = 75-120 cm
  • ID Slip M = 80-125 cm

In a mark your diaper size could be the M and the L.

All the people are not "trained" in the same way : different morphologies. A brand/product may be more suited to one person than another.
Other criteria are also involved :

The type of diaper

Depending on the layer type it cans vary in size.
For a disposable diaper, it is imperative that it is properly adjusted, under penalty of having leaks, especially in lying position.
For panties to put on (Pull-ups), the fit may be less critical; the comfort will be more a test of choice with this type of diaper.

The absorption

The degree of absorption is generally related to the thickness of the diaper.Depending on the thickness, a feeling of comfort will be different depending on the size of the diaper. Thus, a diaper with a high absorption and thus thick might be more comfortable if it is a little larger. On the contrary, a thin diaper will no doubt be more comfortable in a smaller size.

Again, only tests products can help you determine the proper size.

Some people may prefer to take a larger size when the diapers are intended to be worn for the night and therefore lying. This may allow a better comfort and a greater absorption. A diaper of larger size, will actually be more absorbent to an absorption equivalent level.


As often, it is necessary to test the products to find the right size and style of diaper that will suit you best.

Don't forget a diaper too small will be uncomfortable and that a too large diaper may cause leaks !

Our team is also at your disposal to guide you in your choice.